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Advancing your network environment, improving network flexibility and efficiency


Given the IT and rapidly changing business environment in a highly connected world, IT network audit has effectively become an important component of network efficiency and IT operations.


An IT Audit helps you understand the stability of your IT network and infrastructure and what loopholes or deficiencies need to be addressed. The Kobb team is here to conduct a thorough IT audit and network evaluation to optimize customer’s network infrastructure, improve security capabilities, reduce network capacity to reduce costs, and deliver real business value.


The Audit covers all significant parts of IT procedures including security vulnerabilities, Unknown Network Issues, or explicit issues on the system, Virtualization studies, Backup and Security, Internet Access, System accessibility, improvement, and different lacks.

Kobb’s IT Network Audit review and report include:

  • Network communication Evaluation
  • Software and system updates
  • Network discovery and correct mapping
  • How to save on network infrastructure
  • How to optimize network performance and increase productivity
  • Detecting IT Network Insecurity
  • IT assessment of operational utility
  • Improve security and prevent security threats
  • Disaster recovery plan

Kobb’s IT Network Audit Benefit:

Enhanced Network Security

 Our experienced team of IT Network Audit provides a complete report how to enhance network security by minimizing the risk and threat

High Availability

System and Network availability is required when customer has mission critical application to run the business and Kobb is master on it to provide high availability

Fewer Downtimes

To minimize the downtime risk, organization believes on IT audit. Kobb’s audit report provides real data to ensure fewer downtime of network.

Increase Efficiency

We at Kobb ensure our customers to increase their operational efficiencies by providing high availability of network.

Maximize revenues and ROI

A network audit always helps customers to find the threat and challenges on real time basis, it helps customer to focus on their core business, hence ROI is very fast.

Peace of Mind

This network audit always helps customers to focus on their core business. A proper audit gives real time reports, hence it is a peace of mind for customers.

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