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Consulting on IOT

As the technology world moves forward, the Internet of Things has evolved as the technology of the future; it is no more a concept. Internet of Things is simply connecting all physical devices to the internet. IoT provides new business opportunities to business and improves performance to deliver better results through IoT analytics and IoT security. IoT increase productivity, return on investments and reduce inventory, time to market, downtime due to maintenance.



Organizations are constantly generating data, which are often never analyzed and monitored. Kobb Technology can help you in changing the way you do business by providing IoT consulting services and IoT cloud solutions. We make companies realize the benefits of IoT and also avail them with technical expertise that is required to set up, manage, and run an IoT system post-implementation.



Our partnership with Microsoft Azure ensures that your business will grow with expertise. Kobb Technology, we are specialized in designing and implementing of enterprise solution on IoT.

How we operate

Kobb Technology IoT consulting & advisory services help you embark on the IoT Journey. Facilitating in the evaluation of your organizational readiness, technology stack, domain -primarily based price value mapping, roadmap creation, enterprise case preparation to complete Go-to-marketplace method we manual our customers on the complete journey.

Our IoT strategy consulting team is comprised of the sharpest minds to be had globally and strives to construct a courting of ‘mentorship, guidance, and help’ with our clients. Their electricity is usually supported by means of our teams of specialists in UX (User Experience), IoT improvement & company integration, IoT checking out, and expert services.

Azure IoT Development Services

Our partnership with Microsoft Azure ensures that your business will grow with expertise. Work with KOBB, we specialize in designing a connected enterprise solution to bring data to life, while empowering you to monitor, manage, and control your assets wherever they are.

Azure IoT Consulting Services

Kobb helps organization to accelerate their business growth by analyzes untapped data with the Azure IoT Suite.

Azure Machine Learning

Kobb helps from scratches to design and deploy predictive analytics solutions with Azure.

Azure IoT Suite

Azure IOT Suite helps organization to generate new revenue options by connecting devices each other.

Azure Stream Analytics

To unlock the usage and deep and analysis of data, use Azure Stream Analytics.

Azure App Services

Azure App services enable organizations to integrate business processes with SAAS solutions.

Azure IoT Hub

IoT Hub establish a multi communications hub for all IoT communications and solution based on IoT.

Industrial use cases


  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Field service management
  • Inventory and material tracking

Food production

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Self-optimizing production
  • Automated inventory management
  • Remote machine/asset monitoring
  • Fleet management


  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Smart occupancy
  • Smart parking
  • Remote room booking system
  • Predictive maintenance


  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Hospital asset management
  • Patient engagement
  • Healthcare workflow optimization

Fleet & Logistics

  • Fleet remote monitoring
  • Real-time drivers tracking
  • Lease process management
  • Fraudulent claim protection


  • Digital store management
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Smart inventory management
  • Customer churn predictions
  • Profit improvement solution

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