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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the process of moving applications, data, and other components hosted on servers inside an organization to a cloud computing environment. In today's digital world it is important for any organization to adopt new IT technologies. There is a challenge of growing their information infrastructure. However, moving to the cloud enhanced organizations towards profitability and easy managibiity.


Cloud Migration Process Includes -


  • Identifying applications that want to move on cloud
  • Evaluating performance and security requirements
  • Calculating costs and making any necessary organizational changes.
  • Identifying Cloud Service Provider

There are different kinds of cloud migrations a venture can perform. One regular model is the exchange of information and applications from a local, on-premises server farm to the public cloud.


However, a cloud migration could likewise involve moving data and applications starting with one cloud stage or supplier then onto the next - a model known as cloud-to-cloud migration. The third type of migration is to uncloud -- also known as reverse cloud migration or Beclouding -- where data or applications are moved off of the cloud and back to a local data center


Benefits of Migrating IT Infrastructure on Cloud


  • Operational Efficiency
  • Security and Global Access
  • Availability of Resources
  • Maximize Business Productivity and Reduces Hardware Cost
  • Fast and easy in deployment
  • Infrastructure complexity reduced
  • A single dash board for complete cloud setup
  • Cost efficient

Infrastructure Migration

Kobb provides Infrastructure migration services to cloud in collaboration with leading cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google

Data Migration

Kobb’s offering of data migration in a standard way which is repeatable, and reusable platform to enable end to end Data Migrations

Platform Migration

Kobb has hands-on-experience in developing and migrating applications on several leading platforms.

Application Migration

Kobb’s Migration of Applications to Cloud is a proven framework for accurate,

Services we offer


Oracle, SQL, Sybase, MySQL, MongoDB, Stark-B, Exchange

Operating System

Linux, Windows (only x86)


Hyper V, VMware, RHEV, OVM, Openstack


AWS, Azure, Google

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