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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud disaster recovery is a backup and restores strategy that applies not only to data but additionally complete virtual machines, servers and corporate networks.


Business continuity depends on the efficiency, uninterrupted flow of information across an organization – from operations to implementation to fulfillment. Downtime in your services leads to loss of productivity, revenue, and brand reputation. So, for any business, it is important to protect your data from natural disasters, power failure or other crises. Having your data stored in the cloud ensures backed up and secured. To grow your business it is better to take disaster recovery solutions before the disaster occurred.


Help your business to continue working together—notwithstanding during real IT blackouts. Kobb Disaster Recovery Services offers ease of deployment, cost adequacy, and reliability. Deploy replication, failover and recuperation forms through Site Recovery to help keep your applications running during arranged and spontaneous blackouts.

Pros and Cons of Different Cloud disaster recovery Approaches


Cloud disaster recovery is more flexible than traditional forms of disaster recovery because subscribers have more disaster recovery solutions. Instead of backing data up from a data center to tape, for instance, cloud subscribers have many more options consisting of:


Backing up from a data center


  • Backing up from a private cloud
  • Backing up from the identical cloud service used to keep statistics
  • Backing up from a public and hybrid cloud environment
  • Restoring to the original environment
  • Restoring to the cloud versus on-premise

TCO reduction

Conventional DR site requires similar setup in the target site or at least mission critical applications or productions setup has to be same as DC. Kobb’s Disaster Recovery solution keep organization information sync with primary DC, so customer pay only for the provisioned disaster which reduces TCO.

Non-disruptive Solution

DR operates in the background, without impacting your current system in any way. Our Continuous Data Protection engine works in memory, does not use snapshots, and does not write any data to disk, which means there are almost zero impact on performance.

IT Infrastructure Readiness

We perform a full technology infrastructure audit and readiness test before going live.

Process Automation

Our DR solution supports physical, virtual, and cloud-based source infrastructure, and all applications running on supported operating systems, including databases and other workloads. This same can be used to automate the process of replication and recover workloads regardless of OS type/version, application, or database

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Cloud Disaster Recovery enables organization to continuing their business operation in the event of disaster. Plus, you pay only for the compute resources you need to support your applications.

Quick Recovery

Configured in a appropriate way that functions to turn the serious environment back to normal in considerably less time.

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