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Disaster Recovery Services

Kobb Technologies has a comprehensive set of Disaster recovery services, support for global infrastructure and end-to-end managed services, ensuring that your mission critical system remains available and responsive in the most difficult times. We help you create and manage a disaster recovery system that delivers availability and performance at the level of service you agree on.

The day by day cloud infrastructure is getting matured and storage costs are minimizing, and enterprises are looking forward cloud as their disaster recovery platform. The recent survey shows that organizations are looking forward cloud as a DR site for storage, whether it is an application or data backup.

Flexible Contract Terms

There has a monthly and 12 months of contract terms with CloudEndure Disaster Recovery. Every contract includes multiple volume discounts that depend on the number of instances organizations like to replicate concurrently.

TCO Reduction

In the case of Traditional disaster recovery solutions, it requires duplicate compute and storage infrastructure in the target site, but for the case of AWS it keeps organization data in sync using lightweight compute and storage. It helps you pay only for your fully provisioned recovery environment in an actual disaster, which significantly reduces your TCO.

An Automated IT Resilience Solution

A CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is an automated process, which helps you recover your ongoing application or your running environment from unexpected outage, ransomeware attacks or any other unexpected events.

Quickest Recovery

Using AWS cloud services, the recovery is quickest and easiest. Its uses disk based storage for quickest recovery

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Easy to set up Azure Site Recovery by replicating an Azure VM to a different Azure region directly from the Azure portal. This is fully integrated. Site Recovery is automatically updated features that bundles with Azure. Azure Site recovery is easy to deploy and easy to manage.

Minimize Infrastructure Costs

Site Recovery solution of AWS and Azure minimize and reduce the cost of deploying, monitoring or managing a costly secondary datacenter. Plus, you pay only for the compute resources you need to support your applications in Azure and AWS.

Continuous Health Monitoring

You can monitor the health of instances continuously and remotely from Azure. While replicating your virtual machines' data between two sites, during that time replication remains on your networks. While replicating to Azure as the secondary site, data is encrypted.

Minimize Downtime with Dependable Recovery

Cloud Site Recovery offers cost effectiveness, easy deployment. Creating replication, failover through this Cloud Recovery Solution ensure a seamless process during planned and unplanned outages.

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