Kobb Technology

Cloud Solution Provider

Over the years, thousands of companies from all industries have innovated and moved their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, reaping endless benefits. During that time, Kobb Technology guided several of those organizations at every step, and today we are ready to take on new challenges.


Whether you want to go the elevator and shift route, or if you want to completely change the architecture of your current environment, migrating to the cloud could be a core a part of what we have a tendency to do at Kobb Technology. Contact us to inquire concerning our services!

We also offer 24/7 Global Cloud Management Services, whether you are a private cloud or take advantage of public consumption like Google, Azure, AWS. In other words, you can spend time with your day-to-day business operations, and that we can handle the rest. In fact, many companies admit that they have not yet transitioned to the cloud because they do not have the technical information. With our help, lack of capacity will never stand in our way.

Infrastructure migrations

Move your new and existing databases, applications, workloads or data to the cloud any time.

Data migrations

Data Migration from your own in-house infrastructure to cloud or cloud to own infrastructure.

Cloud analytics

Analysis of your usage and data from experts, which turn your cloud solution a profitable decision for your business.

Automation and optimization

Optimized your cloud resources 24x7, ensures a cost reduction of your cloud monthly expense.

Cloud consulting

Kobb represents as a strategic consulting partner for your business, which helps you with consulting and migration of your existing data.


Kobb creates a road map, provide Proof of Concept and helps you to move from staging environment to production environment.

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