Kobb Technology

Disaster Recovery with GCS

Comprehensive Security and Disaster Recovery with GCS


The team at Kobb Technolgies manages data centers around the world to provide redundant, reliable, up-to-date infrastructure in a secure environment. Certified cloud service professionals manage:


  • Disaster recovery
  • Recovery point objective
  • Restoration time objective
  • Service level agreement commitments
  • Ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing

Many companies rely heavily on facts to run their commercial enterprise. Dropping important records normally includes costly restoration prices, less time, loss of profits, loss of customer loyalty, and many others. Don't be without a well configured backup solution!


Our backup solutions are managed and maintained by way of expert GCS backup specialists. This means you will have a reliable backup of all of your commercial enterprise essential information! 


GCS backup solutions are customized in your enterprise needs and provide both cloud and Local backups of your business statistics for added security. 

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